Using metal rods and wire as a pencil, Frida photographed and composed in 1994, “themes” which became the fabric designs for Gerald Watelet’s Spring Haut-Couture collection in Paris. Each fabric was printed individually by an exclusive printer following the instructions of the fashion designer. It was a very exciting and successful collaboration.

“As per her experimentation with materials, Frida Baranek’s curiosity led her to appropriate certain elements from nature and human artifacts in some of her works: trees, islands, swimming pools, domes. They are created in specific locations using specific objects, like the buoy installed on a rocky island in Rio’s Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon in 1984, later transferred to Parque Lage, which hosted the exhibition.”
Text by R.C.

“In this experiment, Frida uses her own body to interact with other elements, both in their natural and altered states. The vital flow of energy between human and materials, objects, the world itself, flows to and fro through a current of rather strange games – continents versus content.”
Text by R. C.

A gigantic sling made out of a block of stone black rubber  and a tree on the pavement in front of the Petite Galerie, in Rio de Janeiro, in 1985.